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Delivery of Petition Stop the Excessive Roundups in Washington DC went well Jan-Feb, 2014

6 Mar

During late January and early February, 2014 I was in Washington DC and delivered the petition http://www.signon.org/sign/Stop-the-Excessive-Roundups with ca. 6,000 signers and commenters from all over the US and world. I met with the undersecretary of Interior and was encouraged to submit my Reserve Design proposal to 3 officials. I also delivered it to the BLM wh & b program office and discussed reforms as well as to the USFS wh & b program. Also I met with either the Congressmen or their aides in a number of offices both in the House of Representatives and in the Senate, delivering this petition as well as copies of my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy and my recently published article: The horse and burro as positively contributing returned natives in North America (which you can read simply by googling my name and this title. I was encouraged that many influential people listened to me and that reform to restore the herds and cut back on the livestock and other conflicting interests shall be forthcoming, but we must continue to work toward this ever so important and crucial goal today! Together we can achieve the positive change in our societies priorities and values and life styles that is so very much needed if we are to preserve Life on Earth, of which the wild horses and burros are indispensable components.