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Helping the Brumbies of Australia

31 Oct

Craig C. Downer has recently been in Australia where he has participated in the week-long 2014 Annual Ecological Society of Australia Conference. He was in Australia between September 11 and October 23, 2014. He presented a poster at the conference concerning the positive contributions wild horses can make to ecosystems and argued for a place for the brumbies in this country, while at the same time affirming that he is very much in favor of preserving and restoring the native species of flora and fauna of this continent. He was hosted by a variety of Australians who value the “brumbies” and want to see them treated fairly and not merely scapegoated, or blamed, for problems that they did not basically cause. He is very grateful for all the wonderful hospitality he was shown and looks forward to continuing to work with these people, including Mae Lee Sun, editor of the book Brumbies: A Celebration of Australia’s Wild Horses as well as the Center for Compassionate Conservation, and several other of his host organizations or individuals throughout Australia. More to come.